Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Prepare for Your Photo Shoot with Me (Chamonix!)

After a woman books her photo shoot with me, a billion questions come flooding into my email. 

"What should I wear?"
"How long will the shoot last?"
"Can I have directions to your studio?"

So one day when my tired typing fingers were scratching my head, they whispered into my ear... 
"Why don't you make a PDF guide for your clients?" Yaiwoo for moments of genius! 

My "Pre-Shoot Preparation Packet" has 5 segments:

"Tis the Season to Pamper"
I want women to enjoy the whole experience of being photographed, starting days before their shoot and dragging it out as long as possible. I encourage my clients to treat themselves 
before the shoot so they arrive feeling their best & then treat themselves again after the shoot so they can really get the most out of their gorgeous makeover!

Some women bring one blouse. Others bring suitcases bursting at the zippers. 
Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Jewelry — what girl doesn't need feedback!? I give as much guidance as possible so we can play dress-up successfully!

"Meet the Crew"
I want women to feel super comfortable when they arrive. People feel most comfortable when they are 'in the know' and surrounded by the familiar. So I devote an entire page to introducing my clients to every person, animal and piece of photography equipment that they might encounter at my studio.

"Where on Earth..."
Some of us want more details than Google Maps will give us. 
My clients hit the road with my address and descriptive landmarks.

"You Can Get Excited Now"
I include my contact details EVERYWHERE! 
Again with helping women feel comfortable. I want to make it soo easy for them to find my number or address that there's no chance in the universe they'll arrive with even an ounce of frustration. 

Check it out for yourself! 
Click here to view my Pre-Shoot Preparation Packet

Have a fab day! Treat yourself to something special :D