Friday, June 21, 2013

Norman Rockwell Inspired Glamour Photo Shoot

I grew up with a GIANT book of Norman Rockwell paintings. A few months ago I was tucked in bed with this ENORMOUS book squishing my legs and I was struck by a bolt of creative lightening. "I'm going to do a photo shoot that blends my photography style with Rockwell's painting style." I had weeks to prepare but like most things I do, I improvised moments before picking up my camera. Here's what I came up with...

  1. Rockwell painted scenes of everyday American life => everyday life in my portrait studio
  2. He often painted a person with some props on a completely blank white background 
  3. His subjects are always in the middle of doing something => my model will act out the stages of a photo shoot
  4. His work was often on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post => my "magazine" with be called "Behind the Scenes WITH Chamonix" and I'll include the credits on the 'cover'
  5. in my GIANT book, these magazine covers are presented together in an awesome collage => i'll make a collage of nine images like the type I love to create for my clients

Hair & Makeup by
the Fantabulous Hanna Mazur 

Special Thanks to My Fab Behind the Scenes Photogs + Assistants: 

Round of Applause for My Sexy Model
Stephanie Molta