Monday, June 3, 2013

Raw Vulnerability + Keepin' it Real :: You Are Not Alone!

I recently posted a blog about my insecurities regarding my weight and my concern whether women would feel more/less comfortable being photographed (for a boudoir/glamour portrait sessions) by someone who has, what our society considers to be, a better/worse body than their own.

I had a little feedback from women out there....

"This day & age when we push equality, a question like this gets posted. What does size have to do with anything? #ridiculous & #pointless." 

At first this comment hurt my feelings because I wasn't trying to be judgmental & sizeist — I was trying to be honest about my feelings. So now I'd just like to clarify where I'm coming from... I'm not saying size SHOULD matter. I'm saying that for most of us it does, regardless of whether we think it should or not.
I am 100% supportive of living in a world where size doesn't matter, where women love their bodies and don't judge & compare so harshly. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? Until that utopia arrives, we DO live in a world where women step onto a scale everyday, cry in the mirror, starve themselves and listen to the nasty little voices in their head telling them that they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

I've never been to an AA meeting but I hear the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I believe the first step towards self-love is admitting to yourself, openly & honestly, what you don't love about yourself. Then, all your cards on the table and you can do something about it — accepting or changing.

I want to be carefree about my body and bubble over with self-love but I'm not there yet. I'm working really hard to have a more positive perspective of myself and part of that process is sharing my REAL feelings with the world via my blog. Not saying what I maybe SHOULD say but rather what I REALLY feel. Maybe I'm saying what YOU really feel too but you aren't saying it out-loud even to yourself. I want to speak up for all of us — all of us with negative voices in our heads & fear that stops us from exposing this side of ourselves. We all feel the same way. Let's be honest. Embrace RAW vulnerability so we know we aren't alone. That's what I want to offer you. It's not offensive, it's empowering!