Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Great Artists Steal | Charmaine Olivia's Roses

"Good Artists Copy. Great Artsits Steal."
This Pablo Picasso quote has been on my mind. I'm branching away from my role models, inspiration & muses and instead I'm searching for something new, something more original...all with the hopes of getting my brain to explode with creativity! Then it hit me. I've been resisting the urge to COPY but I haven't even tried STEALING yet! Genius. So, I took my favorite painting from one of my favorite artists (Charmaine Olivia)and STOLE a piece of it! I cut out the rose in Photoshop and pasted it onto one of my photographs, played (it was so much fun to just play with my art! I haven't done that in soo long) with it for about 4 hours while grandma & I watched The Big Bang Theory and BING BANG BOSH!!! Something new appeared before my eyes....... 
The painting on the left is Rose Study 2 by Charmaine Olivia.
The photograph in the center is a portrait I took of my friend Rhiannon last year.
My 'masterpiece' haha is the image on the right


Watch a screen recording of me editing....

Thank you to the beautiful Charmaine Olivia for painting a rose worthy of stealing! 
Everyone, please go admire her GORGEOUS paintings now.
CLICK HERE to Visit Her [Beautiful] WEBSITE!