Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Miss You #LillyTheGlamourKitty

My heart is sad to announce to the world that my gorgeous #LillyTheGlamourKitty has gone missing.
We haven't seen her in days and she doesn't leave my side for more than an hour — so I knew instantly that something was wrong. 

We live out in the countryside so chances are the best explanation behind her disappearance is the circle of life in this wild forest full of bears, coyotes & mountain beavers. I feel like my little shadow is missing. She followed me everywhere, waited for me by the door, helped me dig in the garden and stood beside me in the shower (avoiding the waterdrops of course). She never missed a photo shoot and everyone who met her fell in love.

I spent the weekend crying and now my heart just aches. 
I'm really sad that Miggy never got to meet her in person because this little friend became such a special part of my life.
I miss her so much.