Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!

You may recognize my grandma from my Instagram feed or from her replies to everything I post on Facebook. Just watch out world if this feisty fireball from 1923 joins Twitter — we're talkin' retweet central!
Back in the day, grandma picked me up almost every day from school with a peanut butter sandwich and a fruit roll up in the front seat for the ride home. When I learned to drive, grandma's house was my first destination to showoff my new wheels and I spent every Tuesday night during high school at her house so we could watch TV, nibble on happy-hour snacks and play Rummy. When I lived in Scotland she was my faithful penpal. Now I'm home again and she delivers hot tea to the side of my computer while I edit photos and when I sell portraits & make money she does a happy dance around the kitchen.
So many wonderful things about my grandma skipped a generation and landed in my lap. I love seeing how similar we are. Most special of all is that her relationship with my Papa reminds me of my relationship with Miggy. Grandma Pat is not only my ride home and my role model, she's one of my best friends and I am SO EXCITED to celebrate her 90th birthday with her today!
My brother (Ian, 20) is coming over this afternoon and the three of us are having a backyard BBQ. I also baked grandma a rich chocolate walnut cake with raspberries that we're going to each tonight :D I might suggest a game or two of Rummy.
For this big birthday celebration, my mom organized a photo shoot earlier this month with grandma and her best friend, Dorris, who is also 90. Grandma & Dorris met when they were my age (approx. 24). I'm so happy to showcase their lifelong friendship in this beautiful picture that both of them now have framed in their homes. 

(Grandma is on the LEFT, Dorris is on the right).

Happy Birthday Grandma! Let's get our party on and start workin' towards 100! ;)