Monday, January 28, 2013

What is the Most Beautiful Stage of Your Life?

What is the most beautiful stage in a flower's life?

Dana and I had our feet propped up by Starbucks' toasty fireplace. Afternoon slipped away into darkness and we talked (for 4 1/2 hours!) about the worst hair style she's ever had, how to flirt successfully, and why we both LOVE Seattle. She also told me about a book that I can't wait to read...

Apparently, this book walks you through the life-cycle of a flower, as you try and figure out which stage of its life is the most beautiful.

The conclusion...every stage of the flowers' life is its most beautiful.

Don't waste the first part of your life waiting to enjoy beauty or waiting to feel beautiful.
Don't waste the second part of your life wishing you had enjoyed your beauty or thinking that your days of being beautiful have passed you by. Instead, find out how every stage of your life is uniquely beautiful and worth celebrating. 

Rachel is wearing a beautiful wedding gown from Blue Sky Bridal in Seattle.
Thank you to Hanna Mazur for the gorgeous hair & makeup.