Monday, January 7, 2013

The Job's A Game :: A Lesson from the Gym

Huffing and puffing, I was in the middle of a long line of gym bunnies. All of us wiggling our way to tight bums and a great BMI on the Elliptical trainers. Ten feet in front of us stood a lonely row of Treadmills. Not one person walking of the calories. 

I considered unplugging myself from the machine to walk down the line of people and ask them one by one...."Why the Elliptical?" but I chickened out. 

So instead, I retreated to Google on my iPhone. "Elliptical vs. Treadmill" After extensive handheld research, I concluded there really isn't much difference. Pros & cons, blah blah blah. My theory is simple....

People get bored. The Treadmill is boring because we walk all the time. 
People like different. 
Exercising is hard enough already. 
First challenge is getting to the gym.
Not giving up after five minutes is the next obstacle.
Then we start to remember all the stuff we have to do that day and we itch to get back to it.
Then the muscle ache & the pain in the chest.
The comes the boredom. 

I choose the Elliptical because it's more fun. I mean you can even go backwards on that thing!

Fun is essential to success.
If you're bored. If it's too hard. If it's Monday. If you're struggling and you've tried everything and nothing's working. 
Here's the magical solution you've been looking for... 

{Watch it — even if you've seen it a million times. It will make you smile. :D}