Friday, January 4, 2013

What do you think about a "Things I Love About Me" Jar?

Swing by the studio this week & I'm going to tackle you through the door, shove a pen in your fingers, and point with uncontrollable enthusiasm to a big empty glass jar! It's the "Things I LOVE About Me" jar! My awesome friend Bethany and I came up with this wonderful invention last week while sipping tea and eating Chips Ahoy at midnight in her Seattle apartment. 

Here's the idea... 
1) Woman walks into my studio & sits down to get her hair done. She notices our special jar, sitting there eagerly waiting to be fed positivity & she decides to play our little game.
2) Woman thinks about what she loves most about herself / her body. 
3) She jots her decision down onto a little piece of note paper. Maybe she signs her name & #?
4) She practices origami for the sake of anonymity & drops the paper into the jar.
5) Repeat. 
6) Six Months / 1 Year Later = Overflowing Jar — Chamonix Randomly Draws Out One of the Notes & that Lucky Lady Wins a Photo Shoot that revolves around & celebrates whatever feature she wrote down. 

Example: She loves her shoulders so we get her a GORGEOUS off-the-shoulder ball gown and photograph her in poses that really emphasise & show off those sexy shoulders!

What do you think? 
Like / Unlike?
Would you drop your favourite feature into the jar?
Would you want to win that photo shoot?
We need feedback.

Leave your comments below! :D