Monday, January 21, 2013

Decorating the Glamour Studio :: Living in the Land of Pretty Things

Happy Monday! 
This weekend we've been power pushing the final touches on the studio decorations — painting windows, doors, frames, chairs etc... Everything is going white! 

I've been crawling around underneath the house, trying not to bump my head into fibreglass or eat spiderwebs, searching for funky furniture long abandoned by my parents.

For Christmas, my wonderful grandma gave me gorgeous silk hangers for my wardrobe — it was a happy girly moment as I carefully slipped each piece of clothing onto my also new garment rack. :D

I've hopped out to thrift shops twice this week returning both time with arms full of bargained bounty: hot pink silk flowers, miniature glass jars (practically useless but SO CUTE, I couldn't resist), extension cords, hat boxes, a cute stool for posing and a golden tissue box. :D I'm officially in the land of pretty things.

Oh and I basically stole about 20 paint palettes from the hardware store - no intention of buying paint, just wanted to take home the pretty colours. So now I'm going to go all DIY on the world and make a colourful calendar inspired by Pinterest ;) 

Have a wonderful day finding things that make you happy!