Friday, January 25, 2013

Chick Chat :: The Power of SHE

I didn't know what to expect. I was prepared to walk into the room and find ten women sitting around a fold-up table drinking tea from styrofoam cups. To my delight, when Cheryl and I walked into the Chick Chat 2013 Kick Off Soiree in the beautiful Alki Arts Gallery in downtown Seattle and we were greeted at the door with pretty business cards, notebooks, and pin badges. I snatched a cute Chick Chat branded cookie (baked by the equally well branded Lady Yum) and Cheryl picked up a glass of Girlie Girl Wine and we walked around awkwardly looking for a way to start a conversation with someone. 

Women were chatting away in their little groups, admiring artwork, having their handwriting analyized, trying on masks from A Masquerade & learning about trips to Nepal with Crooked Trails to visit girls who have been rehabilitated from sexual trafficking. Finally, we found a friendly face approaching us and we pounced. From that point onwards the night was wonderful. It was eye-opening for me to meet other business women in Seattle who share my passion for all things WOMAN — reassuring me that I'm not alone in this scary world of starting a business. And obviously, I was in heaven as I looked around the room at what must have been at least 100 faces —beautiful & just waiting to be photographed ;) 

Thank you Cheryl for being my date last night ;)