Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Natalie's Glamour Photo Shoot

I start taking pictures right from the beginning of the shoot. We commence with the "Before" which for some reason I always find to be the most difficult shot of the day. I always have to take at least 5...sometimes even 10 — I should really be embarrassed by this. 

It's nothing to do with the beautiful woman standing in front of me. She's perfect, just staring at me like "Come on woman, it can't be that hard — we're not even doing anything fancy yet." It's all me, early in the morning...perhaps a little nervous, perhaps a little groggy, fiddling with my camera settings and trying to figure what the light is like on this brand new day. By the end of 2013, I promise the world that I will be able to capture the Before shot in 3 frames of less. Ultimate goal...."hole in one"!

Once the before shot is checked off the list, I hide behind my couch and snap a couple more atmospheric pictures. The make-up brushes are busy flourishing around so it's a great time for me to get creative with my invisible ninja photojournalistic moves.

When we take breaks, I'm shooting. When we're changing outfits, I'm shooting (nothing that would make you blush, of course ;P). When my make-up artist (usually the fabulous Hanna Mazur) runs in front of the lens to adjust lip gloss and hairpieces, I'm shooting. So naturally, I end up with hundreds of behind the scenes images....festering away in the depths of my external harddrive...abandoned and forgotten forever and ever. Sounds tragic and it really is. 

So, hit with a wave of inspiration this week, I've dived into the archives and I'm piecing together collage boards of my phoot shoots. I've started with Natalie's shoot where I actually had the wonderful Cheryl Ford Photography capturing my behind the scenes moments for me! So, finally, putting all these images to good use and really enjoying the opportunity to relive these mornings spent with inspiring women in my new studio.