Friday, January 18, 2013

Take Lucky Breaths

"If you want to know what if feels like to be lucky, take a breath."

I heard that quote in yoga class last weekend and since then, I've been pausing mid-email, mid-edit, and mid-brushstroke (we're painting the studio!) for a nice long inhale. Now, suddenly it's Friday and after taking in all this extra air (and paint fumes ;) lol and reflecting on the wonderfulness in my life, I've rediscovered a buzz of motivation for passions that fell dormant a year ago.

My purse is stuffed with letters I've written to friends. 
My fingers hurt after hours of practicing guitar.
My muscles ache from my escapades at the gym.
Yesterday, I baked cookies for the first time in like eons and somewhere along the line I even composed a pretty wee poem.

To feel happier, enjoy extra energy, and rediscover long-lost willpower.... breath gratefully! *Oh, and (my) studies have shown that for best results, follow each lucky breath with a 2 minute dancing session around the house.

What passions have you let slip to the wayside? What's your favourite way to motivate yourself? Leave a comment below!

PS: This week I also filed my first round of US business taxes! It was SO MUCH SIMPLER than I'd expected. My business is actually off to a well-organised start = relief and big smiles :D Have a happy weekend!