Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Behind the Scenes Video of Natalie's Glamour Shoot

Did you watch Hailey Bartholomew & Sue Bryce on creativeLIVE last week?! I didn't lol

I heard they were fantastic — an inspiration for everyone who wants to explore into the world of video and filmmaking. That includes me of course! I can't wait to watch every minute of their workshop later this month. For now, I'm wading through thousands of photos, editing to my hearts delight and pleased to see improvement in the way I'm shooting! Yaiwoo!

I'm sure once I watch Hailey & Sue's workshop I'll learn a billion helpful hints that will revolutionise the way I work with video. And... I absolutely can't wait to find a videographer that can join my ever growing creative team! Then we'll be able to create some truly stunning cinematography.

Here's a wee behind the scenes video I threw together using clips from a photo shoot way back in December with Natalie... Geez it's taken me long enough to get this published lol Enjoy enjoy! :)

Oh, and to read a little bit more about Natalie's shoot, check out this other BLOG post I wrote earlier in the month...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Hair & Make-Up :: Hanna Mazur (
Dress :: Kimmi's Designs by Kim McCormick (
Hairpiece :: Serephine (
Behind the Scenes Photography :: Cheryl Ford Photography (
Photography Assistant :: Bethany Potter
Model :: Natalie Sherman
Music :: Beautiful Girl, Beautiful World (Instrumental) by Tyrone Wells via Song Freedom