Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Chilean Beauty :: Macarena

"Every billboard is plastered with tall skinny white blondes. You never see a Chilean woman up there. It's particularly offensive because these supermodels represent the "Imperialistic North" — the countries that invaded South America and disregarded the Chilean culture and all of the beauty it holds. Chilean women never get to look up and see the Chilean version of beauty that they themselves possess." -Sophie

My best friend Sophie is married to Johnny — a very very sexy man from Chile. This past month a lovely woman named Macarena (yes, like the dance) — who just so happens to be dating Johnny's best friend from Chile ;) — was a guest in their home here in Seattle. Sophie invited me over for a photo shoot and it wasn't until a week later that she explained to me the significance of using photography to celebrate Macarena's beauty as a Chilean woman.
Thank you Sophie for introducing me to Macarena & thank you Macarena for trusting me to take your portrait. It was so much fun spending an afternoon with you & I hope one day I get to visit you in Chile, taste more of your famous vegan baking, & photograph all of your Latina friends with flowers in their hair! :D