Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome to the Family Lily!

"There is a dog loving cat at Denny's Pet World. Tabby short hair named Jetta Berlyn."

Okay, first of all....what on earth kind of name is "Jetta Berlyn"?!

Moving on...
Last Thursday, my mom decided there was no time like the present and she enticed me down to the pet store to adopt a cat. I wanted a cat but I didn't expect to get one for another year or so. So, as I left creativeLIVE for the day and zoomed down the freeway there was a pit in my stomach as I realised the high likelihood that I was about to commit myself to being an animal carer. Ahhh...responsibility.

And then there she was sitting in a sad little booth in the pet shop — face pressed to the glass.

"Well....what are you going to do?" Asked my mom.
Geez...No pressure or anything, right?! The weight of the next 20 years of my life (cats live a long time!) felt very heavy and I was slightly horrified that this cat would probably still be with me when I was 40! It made 40, an age that usually seems far away, seem just around the corner!

I turned back to look at this brownish little kitty — our eyes locked and only one thought went through my mind. It was a heartbreaking mental cartoon in which I said "no" and as she watched me walk out of the pet shop she thinks.... "She didn't want me."

Three seconds later I said "yes", signed my name on the dotted line, and carried her out to the car (hopefully she's forgotten that I totally crashed her crate (with her inside) into the pet shop door on the way out. oops :P

On the drive home I knew just what I wanted to name her...Daphne.
A couple days later, I finally had a chance to Skype with Miggy and inform him of our new family member. I was outside a bar in Seattle standing in the pouring rain, straining to hear his reaction over Skype....

His reaction.... I LOVE the cat. I HATE the name.
I don't think I've ever heard him so adamantly oppose anything as he did that name.

Oh panic at the disco... Major drama over a name...both of us growling into the phone defending our opinions on the matter.

Finally I burst out.... "Well what do you suggest we call her, then!?"
"I don't know," he said, "how about...Lily?"
"I'll think about it..."

I hung up and went back into the creativeLIVE wrap party. I shed a couple tears of frustration (weaksauce..I know — I was tired.). I asked my friend Bethany for cat name suggestions. She brainstormed for a minute and then suggested....LILY.

Weird. Then, I remember that I actually have a close family friend called Lily. And guess what? She's pregnant. And guess what... two months ago her dad told me that Lily's considered naming her baby... Daphne! Weird again.

So I send Miggy an email informing him that the universe has apparently named our cat Lily.
Everybody's happy and now Lily is livin the life in my glamour studio. She loves stretching up the wall, dragging ribbons under the couch, climbing under tulle dresses, nibbling on spools of thread and having her tummy rubbed. She sleeps with me and follows me wherever I go. I can't wait for the day when Lily and I get to drive to Sea-Tac Airport together to pick up our Miggy :D

Thanks for taking the time to meet Lily! Have a wonderful day! :D