Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Inglewood Country Club Wedding :: Kaitlyn + Michael

Crouching behind the cake table my heart stopped as the father-daughter dance music started skipping. "Oh dear..." Hundreds of people watched on as Kaitlyn and her dad looked nervously over at the DJ. And then suddenly, the room was beaming with smiles and laughter as the music changed and the pair broke into a choreographed dance routine! Michael sat back in his chair at the sweetheart table, watching his new bride and father-in-law flashing their groovy moves and fully living out their family motto — Fun is Good! Having known Kaitlyn for over a decade now it makes me so happy to see her marrying a man who shares her playfulness and love of life. All day long I watched them gravitate to each other with such beautiful smiles on their faces and a shared attitude of calm confidence that they'd found the love of their life. 
Michael had given each of the men in his wedding party a handsome pocket-watch the night before the wedding. :) 
I remember months ago when Kaitlyn first texted me a photo of her dress. My mouth dropped open when I saw all of the delicate lace. It was such a perfect fit for her. I loved seeing her looking so gorgeous and hearing everyone whispering about how beautiful she was all day long. 
The Inglewood Gold Club was such a perfect place for these Tiger Woods fans to celebrate! Ha!
Oh my goodness... I love shooting family portraits. It's pretty much the only place in my life where I get to be the boss and tell everyone look silly...and they actually do it! :P Obviously, I take well behaved portraits too but goofiness is where it's at!
Kaitlyn & Michael's slow-tempo candlelit ceremony in mid-November was like romance wrapped in a big bow for these two — it was so peaceful, full of prayer, and of course, laughter.

Some of the best dancing at a wedding I've ever seen! Of course, I'm slightly biased since I got to dance the night away on the dance floor with my friends :P Oh, and did I mention that I caught the garter? I was standing on a chair when Michael accidentally shot Kaitlyn's garter in the wrong direction and wacked my camera in the face! (He took a mulligan :P)
Here's the awesome father-daughter dance I mentioned before :)
There they go! How cute, right?!
A fireplace full of cathedral candles....ugh! I just died a little from happiness!
And of at sunset made everybody happy. See what I mean about their smiles for one another? It's infectious! I LOVE it!
Thank you so much Michael & Kaitlyn for asking me to photograph your wedding day. It really was an honour being your honorary bridesmaid & photographer. I am so happy when I see you two together and I can't wait to hear about all of your exciting adventures on the East Coast! Love you so much :) 

To view more images from Michael & Kaitlyn's wedding, check out their slideshow here:

Ceremony Venue :: Northshore Baptist Church in Kenmore, Washington
Reception Venue :: Inglewood Golf Club in Kenmore, Washington
Dress :: Casablanca Bridal Purchased at Cinderella's Closet
Bridesmaid's Dresses :: Anne Taylor Loft
Flowers :: Family Friend
Bride's Bouquet & Flower Girl's Basket :: Therese White
Cake :: TM Dessert Works
Cupcakes :: Taylor Frazier (Family Friend)
DJ :: Steven Bolt —The People's DJ