Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nutcracker Inspired Photo Shoot :: Behind the Scenes

There's a mysterious gap between the reality we experience & the final images we create. Inside this gap "the everyday" is sculpted into "art". Rather than attempting to understand this magical process of creation & transformation with words, we seem to appreciate it most through the use of Before & Afters and Behind the Scenes Images... 

Last Sunday, was my first day shooting in my new glamour studio and as part of our celebration I invited along my friend & fellow photographer, Cheryl Ford, to capture behind the scenes moments. To my delight, we managed to synchronise a few "Same Moment Behind the Scenes" shots for you (enjoy below) so you can experience the everyday reality that was in the room side-by-side with the final image I created with my camera/computer.
Same Moment #1: Shooting through the tulle....
Same Moment #2: Tulle Turned into a Veil...
Same Moment #3: Down to the Floor
Check out Bethany's cute fuzzy slippers peeking out from the gown. You'd never know, would ya?! We did the whole shoot with her in these frumpy little slippers so she could keep her toes toasty warm. 
It was our little secret (not anymore lol) — it's kinda like wearing sexy underwear beneath frumpy clothes or flip flops beneath a prom dress; gotta love it.

Anyone else getting a vintage circus vibe from this image? I'm seeing visions of Bethany riding elephants & twirling a batons. :P I think it must be the hair feathers (which FIY were designed by Serephine)
Same Moment #4: Nap Time...Classic Hollywood Style
And then we got sleepy and sprawled on the floor with Christmas lights :D — Such a fabulous way to finish our first day in the glamour studio — snuggling in piles of tulle!
This final image seems to be everyone's favourite so far — What do you think?
Have a gorgeous day!