Monday, December 24, 2012

Glamour Business Networking :: Connecting with Women

As if in slow motion, I've been sitting behind my computer, waiting for the phone to ring, watching my energy leaking out of my body, oozing onto the floor, and trickling out the studio door. But every time I've followed it out to greet the world, I'm recharged with enthusiasm & business opportunities roll in. Not surprising really, is it? I mean, a business centered around connecting with women kinda depends on me venturing out & connecting with women. 

I've been a social butterfly this week — flitting around between holiday parties, family dinners & a bumpin' End-of-the-World mansion party. Everyday, I've had a chance to practice explaining what I do and why. Watching people react for the first time as I share my wee mission and reminds me all over again why I am so in love with this journey I'm on...this journey of creativity that's empowering women; giving them an opportunity to experience themselves in a new way and learn to love who they are. I love it.

Happy Christmas Eve!