Monday, December 17, 2012

Nutcracker INSPIRED Glamour

After weeks on Pinterest, braining storming ballerina fashion, sewing 10 yards of tulle into a puffy skirt, and investing in pots of golden glitter, Hanna {my lovely make-up artist} and I were finally bringing our Nutcracker visions to life. We pushed play and Tchaikovsky drifted through the studio; Hanna drew a beautiful wooden nutcracker out of her bag and he sat on the floor nearby as we threw fabric into the air behind Bethany.

I had envisioned our final image as a grainy black & white panorama filled with waves of tulle and golden glitter. Something kinda like this Photoshop-ed rough draft [me thinks we need more glitter next time!]... 

But in the end, I fell in love with colour...

One of my very favourite things about photography is being able to plan out an entire shoot but never really knowing what the final product is going to be until it's suddenly unfolding before me.

I knew it wouldn't work for me if our shoot was Nutcracker "Themed" — for some reason that word made it feel too rigid and I'd have to include scary giant mice and Christmas trees or something. Change "themed" to "inspired" and boom!; I felt liberated to seize any whim that came my way. 

Nutcracker ballerinas led me to grungy black and white panoramas which led me to a porcelain doll with what I suppose is essentially an exploding tulle skirt that turns into a super cool background while she stands there looking gorgeous. The end — I love it! :D 

I hope you have a fantastic day that brings you inspiration that will set you off on a creative adventure!

Hair & Make-Up :: Hanna Mazur
Hairpiece :: Serephine
Photography Assistant :: Cheryl Ford Photography