Friday, December 28, 2012

Saving Birds with Glamour Photography

His feathers were tangled in fishing wire & his legs were rubbed raw. I'd spotted the little bird out the window and stopped our photo shoot. Bringing him inside from the pouring rain, my beautiful model Samantha cradled him in her hands and began to set him free. The little bird was so panicked; I kept wishing that he would understand that we weren't going to hurt him. We were the good guys. 

Since that day, I've spoken with a dozen women about being photographed, and at least four of them made passing comments like:

"Only if you can Photoshop 60lbs off of me...."

"You don't want to photograph me, but my daughter is gorgeous. She'd love to do a photo shoot with you."

"I don't know how to do a sexy face. I only know how to smile and be goofy."

Whatever people have said to you; whatever unrealistic standards you feel pressured to reach; whatever fear flutters through you & makes you panic at the idea of being in front of a camera... I understand. I am a woman just like you & I have all of that mess going on inside my head/heart too. 

So I have a new appreciation for the woman I photograph. She stands there staring back at me, wondering if any of the pictures turned out ok. I understand now that she may be the frightened bird in my hands and I want her to understand that I am the good guy — someone who can find her beauty.