Friday, November 4, 2011

Slideshow Making Frustration

Oh the frustration of unsatisfying software! All I want to do is make a slideshow of an engagement session that includes both stills and video and has a background image instead of a plain black screen when displaying vertical images. Lightroom makes it possible to have a background image behind your slideshow photos but it only shows photos. iMovie lets you include both photos and videos but it has a horrible blackness I can't seem to get rid of. iPhoto also lets you use both photos and videos and they give you a somewhat interesting background but I can't seem to figure out how to mute the sound on the videos. All I want to hear is the soundtrack music. Ahh! 
It's frustrating mainly because of how time consuming it is trying to work it all out. If I just settle for using only photos then the slideshow could be created in 10 minutes. If I insist on including video it could take me up to 5 hours (maybe I'm just technically challenged) but even after all that time I still don't have a pretty background — just a black screen of death that depresses the whole show :(

I suppose I'm sounding a tid bit dramatic but I'm sure anyone out there who's started turning their photos into slideshows and who wants to create a beautiful product for their clients will know what I'm talking about and they'll be able to sympathise. At least I hope I'm not alone on this one — wasting my time in a big universe of frustration and importing photo slowness. Grr...

Oh what to do....