Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is the Peekaboo Project?

The Peekaboo Project is all about reconnecting with our childlike playfulness. It's about letting our guard down and making funny faces. Hopefully our funny faces will help us laugh and our laugher will be contagious. 

As children, most of us have a natural ability to laugh easily at almost anything and sometimes for no reason at all. 

But as we grow older, we seem to shut down slightly and laughter no longer flows so effortlessly as it use to. Many of us grow serious, self-conscious, or judgmental about what deserves to be considered funny. The silly noises, nonsensically words and goofy faces no longer make the cut.

Laughter becomes a buried noise that occasionally escapes from deep down within us rather than a ready expression of joy that hovers in our chests, eager to bubble over. 

Laughter is one of the four natural expression of joy. The other three are dancing, singing and playing. When we're joyful we laugh and when we laugh we feel joyful. It goes both ways. Smiling and laughing tell our brains to release endorphins and voilĂ  — we're happier! 

Our world is dark enough as it is — we can light it up with smiles and laughter! Let's learn a lesson from the children and play peekaboo with funny faces :) 

Don't be afraid to laugh - it makes you beautiful!


Here's Our Second Funny Face! 
It's my wonderful husband Miggy! 
I'm not quite sure what he calls this one but I'll ask him later (he's at the computer lab studying at the moment).