Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Messy Kitchens and Cold Toes

Miggy and I have this amazing ability to turn our kitchen into an absolute pigpen — no disrespect to pigs...they're wonderful creatures. But yes, out kitchen = tornado disaster zone. Neither of us bother cleaning up after ourselves during the week and then on our days off we whip out the sponges and scrub scrub scrub. I wonder if the time I saved not cleaning during the week adds up to the time I spend blitzing the kitchen in one go. Either way, my kitchen is finally clean and my hands are all prune-like :)

Everything is getting colder in Scotland now that it's November and I'm finding myself looking forward to  /counting down the months and minutes until we can migrate somewhere different to warm our feathers. Migs is graduating at the end of June and I have weddings booked up until mid-July but after that....the world is our oyster. We've been talking about moving to America. I've been hesitate about this idea since he first mentioned it years ago. I've been afraid that people will be patronising and say things like "We always knew you'd come back." I also don't want to move away from my precious friends I've made in the UK. Life without them seems bizarre. 

Miggy has SAD so we need to go somewhere sunny and I have an obsession with summer dresses so I want to go somewhere warm. We've beeen talking about California but we're worried about crime rates and pollution. Oregon is very eco-vegan-bicycle-friendly so that sounds great but the further north we head the closer to Seattle rain clouds (home-sweet-home) and Alaskan snow we get. I just want to be warm and be able to walk outside barefoot and be comfy! Oh, decisions and visa issues :S

I've finally managed to get my slideshows and watermarking to work for me rather than against me :P I learning that I spend a massive amount of time at the beginning when I'm figuring how I'm going to do something and then once that's sorted I have a template that I can use in the future that saves me time. I'm so glad I've worked out how to include slideshows on my website because it means I can share more photos without it looking cluttered or overwhelming readers! It also helps readers to get a sense for the couple and for my style. I'm hoping this addition will have good results.

Right, I'm rambling so I'll stop now. Have a wonderful day! :)