Wednesday, November 23, 2011

St. Andrews Engagement Session {L+M}

They literally waltzed into each other's lives! 
Like all the best couples (wink wink) Louise & Mike met  at the University of St. Andrews – a university famous for its match-making. Did you know... 1/3 of St. Andrews students find their future spouse while studying in this quaint sea-side town. (Wills & Kate, Migs & Me  and now Louise & Mike all belong to this lucky group!)

Louise & Mike were introduced at ballroom dancing society and they've been dance partners ever since. We got to shoot their engagement session on their 1 year anniversary (awesome way to celebrate!) It was a St. Andrews themed e-session so we had no choice but to whip out our red gowns and make our way from the castle to the pier to the cathedral to the quad! We got funny looks from the tourists in the castle, they got to pose with a puppy dog that couldn't get enough attention and they were jumping, piggy-backin' and of course...dancing! They are one of the more adorable couples I've ever seen. My favourite part of the whole afternoon was probably watching them nuzzle their noses together (like little eskimo kisses)! 

They'll be saying 'I do' on 8 September 2012 in Sallies Chapel (only university members can be married there!). I'm especially excited to be shooting this wedding because I'm tied to the wedding party is a very bizarre way — In my first year of university I lived in dorm room C18 in Sallies. The following year, I moved out and Louise moved in to C18. Guess who moved in to our room the year after that? Both of her bridesmaids! Totally crazy cool coincidence! After their wedding, Mike has another year of his degree before he graduates & moves his Northern Irish bride back to his home is Colorado! 

These two are way too cute! Did I mention that when I showed up at their door for the e-session, Louise was carrying in her hand an apron her friends had given her that has her future Mrs. Surname embroidered on it! Ekk - too cute!
To see more of Louise & Mike's St. Andrews Engagement Session, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow.

Congratulations Louise & Mike!!