Wednesday, November 16, 2011

T&G Shoot, Style 4

This is the fourth look is the final style from that Toni&Guy shoot I did back in August. The photo above it the choice pic and below you will find my favourite shots of behind the scenes. Hannah Rose (Make-Up Artist) was super excited to put her blue lashes to use and I totally don't blame her because they're so super cool!! This London bun hairdo (by Gayleigh Chester) was super fast and simple compared to some of the other hair we did that day like STYLE ONE. Liv Nathan (model) was amazing considering she was in a massive rush to head off to a birthday party (hehe cute) so we only had a few minutes to snap her series. I think the blue eyelashes steal this show and I just love Liv's uber long neck!!! I'm so excited to work with this bunch of ladies in the future!