Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Abstract Tiger Stripes

I've had such a massively busy week running between the shop and taking photos and preparing for my yoga teacher assessment! On top of it all the wind has been whipping around like crazy. The wind literally sounds like someone is weed whacking outside my house or as my friend Shona described it, a giant bumblebee buzzy outside the window! When I'm inside it's very cozy, especially with my new  homemade Christmas tree glowing in the corner. It's not so cozy when I have to ride my bike into town early in the morning and late at night in the dark :( Poor me. Just kidding.

Any way on a much more exciting note, I've been using this downtime in photography calendar to try my hand at some abstract photography. It's been quite fun! I'm most of proud of these two photos. Can you tell what they are?

In case you didn't guess, they're blinds on a window. Using Lightroom, I increased the contrast and made the blacks blacker and voila I think the first one now looks like tiger strips and the second one reminds me of an African scene with a woman's profile emerging from behind a tree or whatever these shapes are.

Right, now for the rest of today I shall edit photos from the beauty shoot I did last weekend! I'm so excited to see them! Have a lovely day!