Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Never You, It's Me!

I feel like an absolute numpty! 

When I was learning to ride horses, my mom would tell me that most of the time, the horse isn't misbehaving, it's simply doing what you tell it to do. The problem is, when you're still learning to ride you have not yet mastered the art of giving the horse instruction. It's not doing what you want it to do because you're sending mixed and messy signals! When you send the right signal, it will respond appropriately! Turns out, my camera isn't all that different to those horses I used to ride.

About a month ago I bought myself a new speedlite to go along with my Canon 5D Mark II. My old speedlite that I used with my Sony A200 was a YIN YAN BY-28ZP and it connected to the camera with a little chord. I just assumed (silly me) that all speedlites were connected to the camera with chords. Never once did I consider that my new fancy camera was capable of working wirelessly! 

Thinking my speedlite was missing pieces and malfunctioning, it was cast to the dark corner of my office drawer. I felt sad when I thought that the sender (I bought the speedlite second hand) had forgotten to include the chord and I figured I'd either have to buy it individually (where to find it?) or buy an entirely new speedlite (hassel!) and hope for better luck. 

This evening when I had a stroke of determination I watched a few YouTube videos until it dawned on me that perhaps wires are a thing of the past and my equipment wasn't dysfunctional after all! I feel like I've witnessed a miracle (slightly dramatic but I really am so pleased hehe). Life feels better just with this one little thing going right. This wee misunderstanding can be added to my growing list of occasions when I've realised that my wonderful high-tech equipment has got it's act together while I flounder about pointing fingers at it. Like my superstar MacBook Pro, my Canon 5D Mark II and it's accessories are proving to be the perfect friends: patient, cooperative and they don't say "I told you so" when they're right and I'm wrong.