Monday, November 7, 2011

Shooting the Stars!!!

This past week I've challenged myself to take up star photography and it's AMAZING! I've never really bothered taking photos of the night sky before because without a DSLR I just got blackness. Now that I have camera that's up to the task I'm discovering all sorts of new wonders! I look up at the sky and see 50 or so stars, point the camera, click the button and boom suddenly in my photo I can see billions! The sky is literally covered in them — there is more whiteness (stars) than blackness. It's incredible. It feels like magic. It sounds silly but it does feel a bit like my camera ia some sort of 'visibility cloak' (cringe) that lets me see things that no one else can see. Its awe inspiring! It's not easy though. I have soo much improving to do but I've shared my novice photos below for you to 'enjoy.'

I totally encourage everybody to have a go at shooting the stars! For some tips to help you get going, check out this video by Ben Canales of TheStarTrail:

{Landscape Astrophotography Tutorial - First Night Out from Ben Canales on Vimeo}

Have a stellar day!!!!! :P