Monday, March 11, 2013

Your Car is an Analogy for Your Life

When do you fill up your gas tank? I let mine run right down to the urgent bottom line and then cross my fingers and hope to find a gas station. Completely responsible...not! Why do I do this? Then, the lightbulb went on this morning at Starbucks. My brand new friend Shane said... "Your car is a metaphor for your life." Well in that case... my life is cute, messy, dirty, kinda roughed up, getting old, cluttered because I store every possible thing I could need and don't feel like carrying anything into the house, falling apart (eh brother used it while I was away at university and boys like him have a way of breaking everything), lacking flowers (my bug used to have a flower vase...until my brother ripped it out) and running on fumes. ha! Sounds about right lol
Seriously though... what an amazingly helpful way to assess my life:

CUTE — duh, I'm cute too. ;P

MESSY — I am lacking routine. editing photos one minute, going to the gym the next, then off to the cinema, then dealing with finances. A routine would tidy things up.

DIRTY — Most days I avoid showering, manicuring my nails (sometimes I even forget to brush my teeth) because I'm feeling so rushed for time.

KINDA ROUGHED UP — hmmm... not sure how that one applies unless you look at malnutrition or something

GETTING OLD — A vein in my leg burst a valve last week because I was sitting too much and not getting enough nutrients. My knees are cracking & I'm starting to find suggestions of wear my wrinkles are going to appear. A nerve in my right leg is also going hay-wire!

CLUTTERED — To save 30 seconds here and there I just chuck clothes into my closet, car, desk / desktop etc... So much of it could be removed or organized!

TOO LAZY TO CARRY ANYTHING INTO THE HOUSE — Again...saving precious seconds by not stopping at the gas station / shower / store / post office or cleaning clothes (like once a month or something is my average these days) until it's absolutely necessary.

FALLING APART — Well this just sounds dramatic. 

LACKING FLOWERS — Sitting in front of my computer all day. I LOVE nature, why am I not outside enjoying it?! Oh, and I am so happy when I am surrounded by plants. I only have one (just one!!) plant in my glamour studio. His name is Ribbit. Someone needs to drag me down to Molbaks Nursury. 

RUNNING ON FUMES — I work all day long until every ounce of energy in my body is drained and forces me to go to bed. I struggle to stop myself while I've still got a gallon of go-juice in my belly that can be put towards having fun, reading novels, going to the gym, seeing friends. I guess I crash and sputter to a stand still stop. (Thankfully...that's only ever happened to me once in my car.....oh a first date :S Cringe. lol) Needless to say...this is a dangerous way to drive around life. 

As you know, I've been working on my work-life balance and things are getting WAY better. Tomorrow is Sunday. I'm going to take the day off & perhaps I'll clean my car.

What does your car look like?