Friday, March 22, 2013

Freshen Up Your Camera Bag & Freshen UP Your Business! :: Out With the Old, In with the FABULOUS!!

I'm starting a revolution!! 

If it makes you say "meh..." .... say "GOODBYE!" 
Replace the "meh" object with something that makes you scream "heck to the yes!!!"

No more complaining about the underwhelming mediocracy of the 24-70mm camera lens. 
Say "goodbye boring 24-70mm lens" (it's on eBay!) & say "hello 35mm 1.4 lens that is going to work wonders!"

I've been drooling over a 35mm lens for months but didn't have even cash to slam on the counter. After recording an episode on thePhotoChicks (about equipment) I was struck ka-pow! with courage to peel my tight fingers away from the lens that I was emotionally attached to (like the clothes in my closet that I never wear but just can't seem to let go because they remind me of a special memory or I'm hoping to wear them again one day). I wrote my emotions on paper and told myself it was the right business decision. Think like a cold minded business woman, Chamonix! Stomp out those emotions and focus on productivity, money and growth! Sell it! That lens was rotting in the bottom of my camera bag. Now my camera bag has a sparkling new gem of a photography glass that's going to be used until it falls apart!

This week my big selling action has inspired two of my friends to sell their 24-70mm lenses too! They're using the money to buy fun new equipment that they WILL USE! You ladies rock!!

Refuse stagnation and celebrate revolution!