Monday, March 18, 2013

A Birthday Hike & My St. Patrick's Day Fat Suit!

Yesterday, I went on an adventure! 

I unwrapped my giant tutu, puffed up my hair and grabbed a box of Graham Crackers. As I raced off to my destination I pulled into a gas station and had my picture taken with strangers.  I met up with my accomplices at the North Bend Outlet Mall (where we received funny looks). Getting very lost on windy roads. Drive-bys at the abandoned factory and finally a gorgeous mini hike into the snowy green mountains. 

We may not have had our fancy picnic at the top of the mountain, as planned, but we did have a tail-gate picnic in the parking lot and I did stuff my tutu into a pair of St. Patricks Day shorts that created a rather fabulous fat-suit which turned a few heads as we headed up the trail. Of course, no birthday celebrations would be complete without a LIVE BIRTH! We partied in a restaurant (analysing the waitresses' yoga pants uniforms) & drinking beer & cocktails while Larry zoomed off to the hospital to become an uncle! 

Happy 24th birthday, Amanda! I love your guts! :D Plus, thanks super much for giving me an excuse to wear a tutu / fat-suit out in the wilderness!

Oh and we even had top secret code names...