Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Would You Speak to Your Friends the Way You Speak to Yourself?

Your thighs are so fat. It's disgusting.
Look at your flabby arms. They look horrible.
No matter how hard you try, you're never going to loose that weight. You go to the gym and go on diets but you always give up. You don't have any dedication. You're a failure.
What guy would find you attractive when you look like this?
If your nose wasn't so big, you'd actually be really pretty.
If only you had a flat tummy then you could wear a bikini with confidence on the beach but until then, don't even think about it because nobody wants to see your body.
Your hair is so frizzy and thin. You'd look so much better if it was long and thick.

Would you say these things to your best friend?
Then why on earth would you say them to yourself?

Start treating yourself with love, encouragement & support the way you treat the other people in your life that you care for. Be kind to yourself and the reflection you see in the mirror will start to change into something more beautiful than you've ever seen before.  

Seriously, next time you're standing in front of the mirror, catch yourself focusing on the negatives and replace each negative comment with a positive. Either figure out a positive way of viewing that negative "thing" or focus your attention somewhere completely different. 

Think of the people who love you most. How do they speak to you?
Is grandma always telling you that you're perfect just the way you are?
Is your mom always telling you how gorgeous your eyes are?
Maybe your best friends are all jealous of your butt?

Do you listen to them? Do you believe them? 
When they compliment you, do you say "If only that were true." or do you say "Thank you."?
Do you think they are lying to you to make you feel good? 
Have you ever considered the possibility that 
what they see when they look at you really is how you look? 

They aren't seeing the little details that you get stressed about. 
They can see the big picture and the big picture is beautiful, so beautiful in fact that it makes those little details insignificant to them. Just for one day, try seeing yourself through their eyes. Enjoy seeing the beautifulness in yourself. 

Start thinking of yourself as a loved one.