Friday, March 8, 2013

My Happy Little Life & New Before & Afters

I'm at grandma's eating pickles. I bought the comfiest blanket EVER at Costco this week and it's helping me sleep like a baby! The highlight of my week has been driving around in my bug with the sunroof open — blue sky above and even a flock of geese that flew low right above my car for about 1 minute! It was beautiful (and highly dangerous since all I wanted to do was stare up!!) I started reading a book last night called "Happier at Home" by Gretchen Rubin 

I'm on page 10 and loving it. If feel happy just reading it! At the gym this morning I saw on the news that Justin Beiber fainted in London during a performance and I just found out that he has tattoos — the whole thing makes me kinda sad cuz I remember watching him on YouTube back in the innocent days before he was "the Beibster". My dad's coming home from a business trip today and I'm so excited to see him. I'll edit photos all morning, Skype with Miggy, edit thePhotoChicks podcast audio, then practice guitar and get groovy with some yoga. That's my life right now. And for more recent news regarding glamour photography... you may have seen some of these before & afters already on the website but I thought I'd give them some special attention today.... Enjoy ;)