Monday, March 4, 2013

March Newsletter — Regaining a Work-Life Balance & Behind the Scenes Retouching Video

Another AMAZING day with Miss. Cheryl Ford recording podcasts, tackling photo challenges, and dreaming big dreams for our businesses. For our lunch break we walked around Lynnwood with our portable lunches from WholeFoods — can you believe that Cheryl had NEVER walked AND eaten at the same time!? Shocker...I know! Well, that problem has been fixed, anyway lol

So while we were busy recording all sorts of goofiness — uncontrollable laughter, spilling tea all over my lap, repeated ourselves over and over (eh hem..Cheryl) ;) and hoping to inspire the masses, none of my other work was getting done (like publishing my Monday blog post on time, lol) There was a time when I imagined what it would be like to get so many emails I couldn't reply to them all; or what it would be like to have to turn down work because I was fully booked; or what it would be like to have never ending piles of photo to edit. Well...the time has arrived and it's awesome to see the growth but geez....they were right when they said it wasn't isn't. Why did it look so easy? 

Last month I got swallowed alive by an out-of-control workload. This month I'M TAKING BACK CONTROL OF MY LIFE! It's tough trying to work out a system that's going to be a success and keep me balanced, productive & happy BUT it's SO WORTH IT because...

"Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make!"

My March newsletter went out yesterday (first Sunday of the month) and in it I'm sharing my genius strategy for regaining a work-life balance. Plus, by signing up for my happy little emails you'll also gain access to my behind-the-scenes retouching videos which will give you a little look into how I edit my photos these days! Apparently, Cheryl LOVED this newsletter so take her work for it and check it out ;) — Poor beautiful co-sidekick (yes, we're each other's sidekicks...oh wait, maybe that's called a wingman? whatevs...I'll rock my own terminology, thank you very much. is getting picked on lots tonight lol Anyway, enjoy the newsletter & all the magical enhancements it will no doubt make to your life... ;)