Friday, March 15, 2013

Are You Feeling Jealous of Other Photographers?

I don't want to hear that someone is better than me. I don't want to see you react with awe when I show you someone else's work. I'm tired of hearing the same comments about how I could improve. "You need more variety. More variety. More variety." Sure, you love my photos but you love so-and-so's even more! Ggrrrrr. It really makes my blood boil. 

And then I have to remind myself to take a big bite of humble cupcake. My ego needs a whipping. I just want attention and praise. Who doesn't?

Compliments tend to fill up my head with hot air that slows me down. Criticism & critique, even though it often tastes like sour grapes, propels me forward like a powerful jet engine shooting me off towards my fabulous dreams!

Have you ever felt this way?
Well here's what I have to say to myself (you can listen in)....

Stop seeking flattery. Focus on the artwork in your hands. The passion you have to create! Your enthusiasm to improve. The goals you'd like to achieve...and why. Learn from the ostrich...stick your head in the sand and work hard! Let that work, that process, be your destination and all you need to be content.  

Rather than boiling over with jealousy when you hear others being complimented 
& when you see others receiving awards, listen carefully to the compliments they're being showered with and treat each word spoken like precious gold, rich with lessons, that is the currency you'll need to travel to the land of greatness.