Thursday, August 23, 2012

Redhook Brewery Newlywed Shoot :: Sophie & Johnny

Redhook Brewery Engagement Shoot Woodinville, Washington fun playful happy 
"He's asked me to move to Chile to live with him. Should I stay here in America and get a graduate job or should I sacrifice that and go be with him? I don't know what to do. What do you think I should do?" Sophie had just finishing recounting her South American love story to me. There we were, sitting in my parent's living room, she was staring at me, twirling her gorgeous curly hair between nervous and excited fingers, and waiting for an answer. 
They'd fallen in love in Valparaiso, a colourful ocean-side city in Chile, which Johnny calls home. It wasn't an easy feat for a Chilean man to visit his girlfriend in America but he had jumped through all the govenments' hoops, paid the bank-breaking fees, called-in once-in-a-lifetime favours and made the long journey....all to see his love, my dear friend Sophie. With any other couple I would have felt unqualified and uncomfortable to give any advice but as I stared back at Sophie, my best friend from high school Spanish class, I could see the answer in her big blue eyes. She was overwhelmed and her vision was cloudy but I could see clearly for her. She didn't need my advice. She needed me to tell her what she knew deep down inside but was afraid to proclaim. So I said it without any hesitation..."Go."

She left my house that night bubbling with excitement — she couldn't wait to tell Johnny and her dad that she was moving to Chile! There was no doubt in my mind now that these two were meant to be together. Someday, I would get to meet her true love for myself.

Autumn of 2011 rolled around and the announcement was made....WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!! "Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I hollered through a sketchy Skype connection. Then came the question, "Will you be our photographer?" This question was an easy one..... "HECK YESSSSSSSSS!!!!" and then the next question, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" and "YESSSSSSSS AGAIN!!!!!"

After the interviews and the paperwork Sophie & Johnny were together at last, married and in Seattle. I couldn't make it to their first wedding at the courthouse (I was in Scotland) but I've heard it was the most beautiful day of their lives. 
This coming Saturday, 25th August 2012, Sophie and Johnny are getting dressed up again, this time for their second wedding bash! It's a big one this time with all the family and friends, bridesmaids (myself included - woot woot!!) and a crazy cool cake! 

We never got the chance to snap their engagement photos so this week, before a funky night of Redhook Brewery trivia, we set aside an hour for their "newlywed shoot." I love photographing these two — they have the most beautiful happy smiles :D In this photo below they are practicing their first dance that they'll be performing on Saturday. It's a traditional Chilean Cueca.
Oh you two! I just love your guts! And Sophie - the Mrs. Gorgeous Award goes to you! 
Slam-dunk high-five!
Sophie & I predict that Johnny & Miggy will become best friends too! We'll all live happily ever after. That's the plan anyway. Fingers crossed :P 

Smoocharooo!! I'm seriously exited for Saturday you guys!!! It's going to be beautiful fun.

To see more photos from Sophie & Johnny's playful and smiley newlywed shoot at the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville, Washington, check out their slideshow below.
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