Friday, August 24, 2012

Broken External Hard-Drive :: Back Up Everything!!

It tumbled in slow motion, off the table and down towards the cement floor. No smashing, no cracks, no splinters. Just a sickening silence. My external hard-drive lay there on the rock hard floor. My stomach turned over with a dread. I lifted the precious litte box and reattached it to my computer. BEEP BEEP BEEP WHHIRRR BEEP BEEP BEEP.

Everyone on Yahoo! Answers said the same thing..."If you drop your hard-drive and it starts beeping at're screwed." Oh fantastic. My guts were reeling as I phoned up the data-recovery guys. The Mac Store referred me to a fantastic company called DriveSavers. I recommend them 100%.  Just talking with them made me feel better. They were soft-spoken and very sympathetic as I explained my predicament. They emailed me a postage label and away flew my wounded wee hard-drive, down to it's check-up in California with these kind computer doctors. Yesterday they called me with the bad news...they weren't able to recover anything — not one thing. :(

So much hard word sucked down the drain — disappearing into a black hole...forever...gone! Thankfully, some of it was backed up (but not all of it because I hadn't bothered to get around to it yet — shame on me). My mom, a.k.a. Mrs. Super-Positive made me list three good things about this situation.

1. I don't have to spend $1000+ on data recovery. I could use that money to buy a sample album for my studio instead.

2. This will NEVER EVER (EVER EVER EVER) happen again. I've learned my lesson the hardway.

3. Nothing that was lost was urgent or expected by clients...just a bunch of personal & sentimental stuff. So it was sad but I didn't get me into trouble with anybody. **I did have a wedding on there that hadn't been delivered to the clients yet and all those edited photos were lost BUT thankfully I hadn't deleted the images from my Camera memory card yet. I was able to re-upload and re-edit everything but I can't imagine how sick I would feel had I not been so lucky. What a terrible phone call to make "Dear Mr & Mrs ____, I've just lost all of your wedding photos. Please forgive me." (Hang up & puke! Just horrendous!!!!)

How foolish I was to think myself invincible. How many times have I been told to back up everything to 3 separate locations? How many times had I told myself I would 'get around to it'? Well I suppose some lessons have to be learned the hardway. It's not worth the risk, I tell you. Even us invincible people will be beaten by the universe from time to to avoid heartache & lawsuits please BACK UP EVERYTHING!!!! Back up everything before you watch it crash to the cement floor one day, never to return.