Thursday, August 2, 2012

Creative Tolerance Leads to Creative Genius!

The girl loves her edgy rock 'n' rollin'! I want soft lips, she wants dark red. I say barefoot with white lace & she suggests leather jacket and army boots. We're a perfect match. When Rhia and I are shooting together there is so much give and take — willingness to try each other's ideas and tolerance for experimentation.

After shooting, we sat down together and she watched me cull & edit the images. "Ouuu, I hate that can't use that one....oh, no! I look soo bad in that one." That was the little voice over my shoulder. And then 30 images later..."Oh, that one's amazing!...I love my hair in that one....That one's a cracker...please use that one....that one that one that ok, you know best..."
It's fascinating how different images appeal to us. I have my eye searching for the best light, the best angles, the best composure, the best connection with the camera, etc... She had her eye more focused on her own body, naturally — one can't help but critique themselves. In the end though, once I explain why I liked/disliked an image, we usually end up on the same page. We both love these images :D Yay!

Here's a new motto for you :: Creative Tolerance Leads to Creative Genius!

Have a super happy Thursday! I'm off to meet Miggy's auntie & then we're going on a date to the cinema!!! Woop Woop :D