Friday, August 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home :: Flowers & Chickens

We sat on the tarmac in Amsterdam for 2 1/2 hours! Normally that would make me melt in my seat but I was having such a lovely conversation with my neighbour that I didn't even notice. The plane people forgot that I was vegan/vegetarian so I just picked around my ham sandwich — trying to eat the bits furthest away from the meat — and I'll admit I gobbled down the chocolate chip cookies! Yummers!!
[View from my parent's living room out over our deck — I love it here!]

My mom & sweet little grandma picked me up from SeaTac Airport and drove me home past all the big green trees, big lakes and mountain views — I couldn't be happier. I just love it here! My mom & I talked for about 48 hours straight (not including sleeping time) and it's been so lovely to not have our conversations interrupted by Skype static.Day one we went hiking with one of our doggies, Hamish, up to Twin Falls. Half way up the mountain we stopped to sit on a bench and I just stared up at the leaves and beautiful tree trunks — I felt so at peace it was beautiful!
Day two we visited a farm, did some grocery shopping and changed my name! (I hadn't changed my maiden to married name in the US yet) Changing my name was soo easy but when we were waiting at the court house we watched some prisoners in chains walk by and we couldn't help but wonder what they had done. Kinda scary. 

I've also had a chance to just relax and enjoy being home...
[Beautiful Lilies in my mom's garden :D]
[Mom's lilies a la Ansel Adam :P]

Today I'm getting my teeth cleaned and repaired (I managed to get a little chip in my front tooth somehow), hanging out with my beautiful best friend/bride Sophie, watering the neighbours plants and having a dinner party with family friends (which include another couple whose wedding I'm shooting in November!) 
[They really are this vibrant and beautiful! I LOVE FLOWERS!]
I've finally met my mom's chickens! They're only 6 weeks old :D

I felt hot yesterday for the first time in EVER. I was getting sunburned in the car — amazing.
The sunshine is pouring in through the dining room window right now :D Bring it on!
Go have a fun day my friends! It's Friday!!!!!!!!