Thursday, August 16, 2012

Emily's New *Bling* *Bling*

My beautiful maid-of-honour Emily is engaged!!!!!!!!! Her sweet boyfriend James proposed to her today with a picnic that included scrabble pieces :D We've been talking about this day for so long, wondering if/how/when he would propose— I can hardly believe it's finally here! So that's 3 of my 7 bridesmaids engaged/married this year!!! Kaitlyn, Sophie & Emily! Sophie's wedding is next weekend, Kaitlyn's is November 17, & I can't wait to hear Emily & James' plans!!!

Emily is such a supportive friend. She's a sporty girl (really into her korfball) and she loves being crafty — we have fun inventing Christmas gifts together. Two years ago we created homemade advent calendars and even went the extra mile to cook our own candy cane!! FIY :: unless you know what you're doing I don't recommend this. We basically made shards of sugary glass that were too painful to eat :P

Last month Em came to our house for a girly sleepover and the next morning she agreed to let me photograph her. What a cutie! Her laugh makes me so happy.

For the month of September, I'll be on a long business trip in the UK. I can't wait to swing by and check out Emily's new bling* bling* in person!! Yay! Congratulations girly! I'm so happy for you :D