Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shaving Your Head for Friendship & love

What a wonderfully inspiring video. I find it scary just watching these women shave off their hair. My hair is probably the part of my appearance that I'm most attached to. I love having long hair and I feel like it takes forever for my hair to grow. The idea of cutting it short feelings traumatic, let alone having it shaved off completely! Of course, the women in this video are completely right — hair is only a little part of you. What is really important is having your health. I suppose I wouldn't hesitate to shave off my hair in exchange for good health (if it ever came to that). I'm just so impressed with these women who didn't have to do this, but they DID. And the gesture they made for their friend is so beautiful. I hope I'd have the courage to follow through with this lovely idea if I were in their position. Enjoy this inspiring video of friendship.