Thursday, March 27, 2014

If it Ain't Fun, Get it Done - Facing Your Fears

Starting a business is SCARY. You have to do all these things that are way outside your comfort zone and if you don't do them, you don't make progress, you don't achieve your goals, you don't succeed.... you plateau, you stagnate, you worry, you procrastinate, you wither away and get exhausted by dreaming and never accomplishing. Achieving is invigorating. Not achieving is not only disappointing but absolutely draining. To feel like you're striving and striving but never thriving. So the only choice you have is to pull up your bootstraps and face the fear. Feel the fear, embrace the fear, and do it anyway. Not easy but it's your only choice if you want to make it. BUT I think it's totally OK to start slow and take baby steps, gradual progress. I think that jumping into the deep end and swimming in the fear is probably the most powerful to-the-point method. Sometimes 'jumping' is the most efficient way while 'wading' in is the most effective way. Today, I was so intimidated to JUMP that I figured my choice was either A) wade in or B) avoid all together and fail. So I waded into the pool of fear by contacting some people about my business idea. I started small but the key is that I started! I feel invigorated by the tiny insty bit of progress and a surge of new confidence has appeared that will help me contact more people and face bigger fears.

Feel the fear (embrace it) and do it anyway.