Sunday, March 30, 2014

{Grateful on Sunday} Last Week In Maui

One last week in Maui and then we move to Seattle. We've been gradually chucking our stuff into suitcases, cleaning cupboards, takin' care of business, and sending our last postcards to friends are the world. We are so excited to be in fresh crisp air, be cozy by the fire, have land that goes on and on and on, be surrounded by a beer culture (ok that's really Miggy's excitement haha), back with old photography friends (and that's my excitement haha), be near family again, and be able to do fun stuff like rock climbing, river rafting, etc... But for now, we're in Maui enjoying the sunshine and soaking it all in before we're flying away. This week I am grateful for.... 

delicious Wholefoods lunch-dates with Miggy,

blue sky & green trees, 

pretty pink flowers, 

fresh oranges,  

jumping on the 'Divergent' band wagon & reading the whole triology in hyperspeed,

a foot massage, 

date night with Miggy, 

watching the sunset, 

getting tasty treats from the chocolate/candy bar at Wholefoods before going to the movies to watch Divergent!!

lasagna noodles (they're my fav - morning after, cold with ketchup!!),


discovering a new beach!,

lists of books I want to read, 

stretching beneath a big blue sky, 

the tin roof on our house that makes the rain sound so beautiful, 

learning this funny fact, 

What are you grateful for this week?