Sunday, March 9, 2014

{Grateful on Sunday} The Whole Month of February

I skipped every single Sunday in February - I'm amazed by my own total laziness or rather lack of motivation to go to Starbucks for internet on the weekend. haha I can't wait to have internet in our house again soon. The good side of course is that I spend more time reading and practicing guitar rather than just zoning out on Netflix but I miss being able to write blogs in the middle of the night after all the Starbucks have locked their doors. Anywho... today I'm playing catch up and listing everything I was grateful for last month (February 2014). Here we go!

I'm grateful for tropical rainstorms,

creative tea diffusors,

giant burritos when I'm absolutely STARVING!

Ono Gelato & cute homemade packaging,

more Ono Gelato (at midnight) and embracing my passion for pink & orange,

 the timer that goes off every 2hrs on my phone so I never get a parking ticket!

having the day off work to celebrate Miggy's birthday with him at the Maui Brewing Co.,

my walks on the beach,

 days where I make a really good packed lunch,

the Iao valley,

a surprise Valentines Day date with Miggy,

an excuse to wander around the Four Seasons,

 the palm trees on the beach beside our house,

that our neighbors have a professional water vacuum and that they helped us when our house flooded,

date night with my friend Naomi Levit [and sitting beneath fairy lights],


books that inspire me & a surprise solve-all-your-life-problems-lunch-date with Naomi

lying underneath a tall beautiful tree on a warm afternoon [and not rolling over and accidentally kissing a dead frog that I only noticed after I stood up],

RedBox movie rentals and lots of snacks on a night when I really needed me-time,

our little house that is always a mess but always safe, warm & dry [apart from when it floods],

What are you grateful for today?