Wednesday, March 5, 2014

{My Happiness Project} Happy Memories Jar

So you may remember from way back when that I'm doing a year long Happiness Project. I haven't posted any updates since November! Crazy. During December, I abandoned blogging to see how life felt without blogging. It was a nice relief to have that weight off my shoulders for a few weeks. But I realized by mid-January that I missed blogging. I started to notice all these things I wanted to share. I'm gradually getting back into blogging and I'm ready to start sharing my Happiness Project with the world again....

Miggy and I have started a Happy Memories Jar in our home. Every time we have a good day or a lovely little moment we've write it down on a piece of paper. When we have a steady home (where we can buy a pretty jar and no worry about having to package it for another move), we will drop our little paper into the Happy Memory Jar. For the time being, we're transient folk so we do thinks a little differently. We're using a bright yellow envelope to hold our happy memories!

This little exercise is helping me keep my eyes open for wonderful simple things in life and taking the time to reflect on these simple things makes them feel even more special. I'm so excited to look back through these slips of paper in 20 years and remember all these wonderful little moments that would have faded away into the past. If you decide to make a Happy Memory Jar too, take a picture and email it to me! I'd love to see it :D

Have a wonderful week :D