Sunday, March 23, 2014

{Grateful on Sunday} Chocolate, Sunsets, Trees & Chocolate (and Chocolate)

My parents came to visit us in the first week of March. I was at work so I wasn't able to spend a ton of time with them but it was lovely to be able to show them around the island where we've been living for the past 6 months. I've been simultaneously counting down the days until we head back to Seattle and trying to soak in all the Hawaiian sunshine I can so I don't miss a moment of it. I'm so excited to see my grandma & Seattle friends. It's been a pretty lonely 6 months for me. Apart from the sweet girls I've met through work, I've been spending all my time alone at home (because Miggy works nights). It's been amazing 'me time' but I'm ready now to return to society haha. I've spent my evenings listening to audiobooks, walking down the beach park, lying under palm trees, devouring business books & podcasts, fiddling around with Excel spreadsheets and business plans, and flipping through Pinterest ha! Sometimes I'll rent a movie from Redbox at Safeway or use up some internet data on my phone to watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy or Glee or Revenge. Not having internet has been challenging at times (especially for blogging) but mainly, it's been a blessing. I love being forced to disconnect and do something else with my time. I've been reunited with my guitar and I'm practicing again - still pretty terrible but I just love plucking at the strings. I'm excited to be near my brother again too (in Seattle) because he's a rockstar and he'll be able to help me improve my guitar-skills. Hawaii has been a roller coaster and I've learned so many wonderful life lessons. I am so grateful for the entire time and everything that's happened here. 

Just this week alone, I am grateful for being able to dry our clothes on a clothesline as the warm trade-wind breezes blow the bedsheets around my body,

 the interesting little neighborhood we live in, 

the chocolate pick & mix at Whole Foods (and the little bit of courage it takes to try crazy flavors like this (which I totally didn't like).

salad bars — where I can make crazy combinations of every food available (even if they don't taste good together) so I can try everything,  

letting myself indulge in the chocolate bar every time I go to Wholefoods,  

 the pink flowers in the parking lot at work, 

 a job that lets me spend time at the beach,

savoring the last cookie from the special box my brother gave me at Christmas (and that every cookie made me think of him and smile),

the palm trees at Baldwin Beach, 

Maui sunsets, 

spending time with my parents in Maui, staying in a condo that had internet, walking on the beach with my dad and talking about business, and taking them to Stewarts Burgers where I ordered my favorite combo: Veggie Burger [with pickles & BBQ sauce] + Sweet Potato Fries + Coconut Milk Shake!

warm sand and warm sunshine, 

finding the motivation to make fresh green juice before going to work,

my lunch-time walks up into the Iao valley, 

being beneath trees,

finding plumerias on the ground before me everywhere I walk,

 the trade-winds that ruffle the leaves of the big tree outside our kitchen window,

realizing that trees look just like us (on the inside),

 treating myself to green juice (that someone else made for me),

did I mention the chocolate bar at Wholefoods?

listening to music on the beach while watching the sunset and an awesome kite surfer fly out of the water,

 new headphones that make listening to books & music SO MUCH BETTER!

What are you grateful for today?