Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Want to Start Journaling? :: Write One Sentence Per Day!

Once upon a dark night in January, back when I was 12 years old, my family watched Bridget Jones' Diary. My eyes were opened to the cool-ness of writing a journal and that night I started recording my exciting pre-teen life. 

I wrote in my journal virtually every day until I was 20 — mid-way through university. Even though I wasn't writing on paper as often, I was still blogging for the sake of my family (mom & grandma) back home in Seattle. (One day I'd love to print off all my blog posts into a coffee table book! That would be awesome!) Then I graduated and became a photographer and figured I should start a new blog (you're on it right now woohoo!) and for over a year, this was more or less my journal. 

BUT now I'm migrating my most ponderings to paper again — inspired by a conversation with my friend Dana. How fascinating it is to look back at old journal entries and realise how times have changed and how we've overcome issues that used to be our biggest problems. What an amazing tool for tracking your personal growth! I just love it.

Dana and I both have the same problem though....we're rather busy and don't feel we have enough time to sit and journal. So I thought of a handy wee solution....write just one sentence per day. Keep your journal by your bed and before you turn off the light, write down one sentence. You might end up writing more! 

If nothing else, you'll end up with a journal full of sentences that summarise your life — even this as a project in itself would be fascinating. If you had to sum up your day/week/month/year/life in one sentence, what would it be?