Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Creating the Glamour Studio :: Thank You Mom!

"I'll knock down the walls," is what my mom said when I told her Miggy and I were moving to Seattle.  She called in the builders and they plowed down the walls of the children's wing of her house — that included my childhood bedroom, my brother's room & our playroom. She had grand visions of a giant en suite guest room...I had different ideas. I was thinking golden glitter, garment racks of sexy lingerie, giant pictures frames against the walls and giant styrofoam boards standing in the middle of the room. 

She still hates the styrofoam boards, but mom has temporary benched her own dreams of guest bedroom gorgeousness to help me accomplish my dreams. Layers of paint, climbing ladders to screw in chandeliers, hauling furniture around & putting up with construction disorder....all to help create my glamour studio and get me started down this beautiful path. Thank you mom! Every day you re-earn your status as "Employee of the Year" ;)

Walls knocked down.....

Painted White...
 I move in and make a mess!.....
Cement floor stained gold! 
Windows & Doors painted white!
New furniture dragged in! 
Ceiling lights ripped out — crystal chandeliers hung in their place!
 Ta-da! Not 100% finished but getting close!...
It's amazing to have an entire room designated entirely to glamour. Make-up in one corner. Shooting in the other corner. All equipment in one closet. All my sample artwork spread around. The opportunity to have this space, especially when I'm just getting my business off the ground is incredible. Thank you mom & dad!