Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Website Design Update!

Hours have been wasted on branding and website design. Hours and hours! It's so stressful when you're trying to start your company and you can't figure out what your colours, design, and style should be. It's a major headache. I spent my first year of photography wasting time on all this. For some reason it was my priority (over practicing photography or getting clients) — totally wacky, especially when I re-did everything like every other week! Finally last summer I create a design that I LOVED! Since then I've only made little tweaks & improvements. It's so fun watching it just get better & better and it feels wonderful to be able to feel proud of it — it is, after all, my storefront where I get to show off all my hard work :) So this week, I'm very excited to celebrate my website's facelift! Nothing massive, just a few spicy updates! New photos! New Before & Afters! A newsletter signup for & a menu bar that's a little more stylish! Check it out :D